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We are living an data-driven era.

Whether you are a webmaster, web marketer, or the planning staff of a 4A advertising company, you must know your social networks to create value.

But up until now, there has not been any good tools to track and report your social media data, to prove to your customers that your social media campaign was successful.

bShare can help you improve this.

Industry-Leading Analytics

Our analytics system is the most comprehensive in the world. View the number of views, clicks, and shares for your website for up to the past 30 days. We even allow you to drill down to get statistics at the page level.

View which sharing platforms are getting the most shares. And if you are a premium member, with our proprietary Social Influence Tracking, we can also track secondary and tertiary statistics.

Get the full picture as to which platforms are driving the most traffic back to your site!

bShare's analytics system provides:

  • Page view statistics
  • Share statistics
  • Individual platform share statistics
  • Sub-domain statistics
  • Search statistics by URL
  • Clickback traffic statistics
  • View hourly statistics
  • Social impact analysisProEnterprise
  • GeographysProEnterprise
  • UsersProEnterprise
Accurate Sharing Statistics

Most sharing services only provide a redirect link to share your content. This method does not give you the whole picture, for users may abandon the sharing process during the redirect.

With bShare, a lot of our sharing is done through APIs, which allows the user to complete the whole sharing process right on your webpage. Thus, allowing bShare the ability to provide the most accurate sharing statistics in the world.

Analytics API

bShare's Analytics API provides you with programmatic access to your sharing data. You can use this API to answer any questions you may have about your bShare analytics. Check out our Analytics API!

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