bShareBest Practices

Installing the bShare button on your site is the first step in increasing the visibility of and traffic to your site. Below we list a few pointers to help you maximize the impact of your bShare button.

1. Allow users to share to a variety of platforms, You should provide a wide-range of destinations for your user to share to.

Most people have a favorite SNS site, but many users also do not have a SNS account; Provide users with a wide selection of sharing destinations to broaden your reach.

You can utilitze bShare's bSync to allow your users to quickly synchronize shares to multiple social networking sites, improving user clickback traffic.

2. Placement of your sharing button

You should place the button at the top of the article where is it clearly visible. In addition, adding a second button at the end of the article can help remind users to share the article after they have finished reading it. For examples of some publisher integrations, look here.

You can also utilize the powerful bSync API to automatically post user actions on your site, such as comments and voting results, to multiple SNS easily. Learn more about the bSync API.

3. Allow your users to follow you, Don't forget to remind your users to follow you on your SNS and mini blog accounts.

Set up your accounts in your bShare settings to automatically display a follow me button after the user has shared for your various SNS and mini blog accounts.

4. Customize the layout of your shared content

According bShare data, for every share, sites get an average of 2 to 10 new user IPs coming back to their site.

If your site fails to achieve these numbers, you may need to optimize the content and layout of your shares. Through bShare's client API, you can customize the content you want to share. For example: You can define the content being shared as the first 100 characters instead of just sharing out the whole content or just the title and URL.

Alternatively, you can add "related reading" links to your share template, and allow your users to continue reading on your site.

5. Share Analytics, Like SEO, you should also be concerned with your share data

Your concerns should include:

  • Your user's most popular sharing platforms
  • Which platforms bring you the most clickback traffic
  • Clickback traffic vs. share conversion rates
  • Your most popular content
  • The content that brings you the most clickback traffic
  • Which users shares the most and brings you the most traffic (opinion leaders)
6. Reward your users

Through bShare, you can track which users provide you with the most value. Give them appropriate incentives (such as: web site integration, sweepstakes opportunities, or public recognition on the website) in order to attract more loyal users!

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