Properly placed share buttons can increase the likelyhood of sharing.

Good websites pay deep attention to their user experience and processes. Implementing your share button no different; You must place the share button in the right place, so that users will share more, resulting in increased traffic to your site.

There are many styles of the bShare button and many ways you can integrate it onto your website. You can choose to either use our classic bShare button, choose to customize your own, or use our powerful API to create your own UI!

Below you will find some of the many implementations of the bShare button, from our classic button to custom-built buttons. Take a look and get an idea as to what kind of button you want for your site!

Allow the user to see the share function at the beginning of the article.

This site places a small button near the title of the article, reminding users that if they like it, do not forget to share it! If you want, you could also add a share counter here, to let the user know that many people have shared this article before.

Allow users to share the article after they have read it.

This site use a prominent placement at the end of the article, which coincides with user behavior. After the user has read the full article, the user is reminded to share this article with his or her friends.

List the sharing platforms, allowing the user to share faster to certain platforms.

This site lists out icons of some sharing platforms, allowing the user to acknowledge the sharing function on this page. At the same time, it reduces the steps the user has to take to finish the sharing process. This is the preferred style of many website owners.

Finally, the "more" link at the end will allow the user to share to platforms that may not be listed in the icon list.

Allow the user to share at any time with a floating style sharing button.

Floating the share button on either side of the webpage is also a style that is favored by many website owners. As the user browses the page, the button floats along with the user, constantly reminding them to share at any time.

Since the share button floats on the webpage, site owners do not have to worry about changing the existing layout of the page.

Put multiple buttons on a page

If your website is a blog, you may put a share button under every blog summary on your index page. Please refer to the advanced customization page for instructions on how to install multiple buttons on a page.

Are you a site owner and have a custom bShare integration you want to share with everyone? Please let us know about it!
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