bURL is a link shortening service provided by Buzzinate.
Currently bURL is not open to the public and is only used by bShare services. Find out below how bShare uses bURL to further enhance our services.

Automatic Link Shortening

Links using bShare will be automatically shortened to http://burl.cc/__burl_ID__ using our bURL services to ensure that your posts will meet character limits for each social site.
In addition, enabling bURL will allow you to view click back statistics and bShare's Social Influence Metrics (Social Influence Metrics are available to bShare Pro and bShare Enterprise users only).

Smart Shortening

bURL automatically determines which links to shorten. For certain platforms, such as bookmarking services, we know that users do not want to bookmark a shortened URL, but rather the URL itself. Thus, we will not shorten those URLs.

Opt-Out Policy

Don't fret! If you do not want to have your URLs shortened, just go to your customization page and turn it off!

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